About Us

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FOCUSLASER is a China famous manufacturer of industrial laser equipment. Since 2008, Focus Laser founder involed into the development and production of various types of laser equipments. We only focus on lasers, so our brand became FOCUSLASER.

Our products include three main kinds of products are fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine. Based on our laser technology we developed into 3D fiber laser engraving machine(Deep engraving machine), Dynamic UV laser engraving machine, Dynamic CO2 laser engaving machine, flying laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine and so on.
More than 20 series. Personalized products and services to provide customers with a significant advantage. Due to the high quality of our products and reliable performance, they are widely used in electronics, hardware, model-making, clothing, footwear, advertising, printing and packaging, toy-making, as well as more industries.

International Certification
FOCUSLASER is committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable laser machines.Our laser machines are produced according to the European CE and USA FDA regulations. High precision, low energy consumption, automatic processing, environmental friendly and let our products more and more popular in all kinds of industries.

Strict Quality Inspection For Machine 
To ensure the quality and stability of the machine, FOCUS LASER using the most advanced production and testing equipment, including lasers meter which imported from USA, CNC grinding machines, scanning mirror, AC variable voltage power emulator stable, focus system.
And we use the a thermostat measuring room,3D measuring instrument, laser dynamometers, digital bridge, and advanced equipment to check the quality and performance of our industrial laser equipment in each production step to ensure our machine's quality and stable performance.
Cost Control 
FOCUSLASER provides affordable, high-quality machine. With the advantages of China, the full benefit in terms of quality and cost, procurement of key components from Germany and the United States,Japan, Taiwan and the assemblying and manufacturing in China. FOCUSLASER have the best supply-chain-system for parts and components, and a solid record of quality and innovation, to prove that our 10-years performance of the machine. 
Talented Team
FOCUSLASER brings together professional talent and technology, has a highly qualified personnel. From software development to hardware design, system testing, technical services are completed by professional and technical personnel.

R&D Ability
FOCUSLASER has got 23 hardware and software patents in high tech field. We have an energetic R&D term and abundant experience in laser field and we are “Hi-Tech Enterprises” in China. 

Location Advantages
Focus Laser's geographical location provides a lot of opportunities to reduce production costs, thereby reducing our prices. FOCUSLASER headquarters is located in Guangzhou also known as Canton about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and 145 km (90 mi) north of Macau, Guangzhou has a history of over 2,200 years and was a major terminus of the maritime Silk Road and continues to serve as a major port and transportation hub today, as well as one of China's three largest cities. Where we have the best products matching system can be easily introduced the most advanced technology and production equipment, talents, and using a variety of maritime and air transport, we are able to provide high-quality laser equipment with affordable price.

Exported Countries
Quality product performance and good reputation, FOCUSLASER products are not only successful sell in China, but also have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions in the world, including: Germany, USA, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other countries, the products are subject to a great welcome and praise. We always appreciated customers’ trust and support of FOCUSLASER.

Our aim

To offer the best machines with the best price, and provides satisfied after-sales service to customer.

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